Rojé Augustin started Breaknight Films while working as a producer for ABC News in New York.  She was moonlighting in the independent film scene and was hired as an assistant director on a small budget film called False Start.  That led to her co-producing the picture and Breaknight Films was born!  Following that, she wrote several screenplays, one of which was an adaptation of a compelling true-life story titled Fort-Dimanche Fort-la-Mort.

Rojé is passionate about projects that shatter commonly held stereotypes. Her goal is to build a creative hothouse where original ideas involving marginalized characters are developed for mass media. To this end, Rojé has conceived projects across several formats, including documentary, drama, podcasts, and web series.

Rojé believes in the magic of storytelling.  At the end of the day, who doesn’t love a good story?

Photo by Christian Scott
Rojé Augustin

It’s all about the story at Breaknight, the story is everything!